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Selling your home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. There is nothing more essential than ensuring experts take care of the sale of your home and that your home is appraised properly.

GetAppraisal is a powerful online platform engineered by real industry experts. When you place a request through the platform, you will receive three independent home appraisals from three leading experts. With their experience in the industry, and with expertise in your local area, you will not only receive an estimate of how much your home is worth, but which may also be vital in helping you decide to sell your home.

There is absolutely no obligation to make a selling decision at any point, but you now have three appraisals which gives an estimate of what your home is worth. It is the local statistics of the area, the schools, the infrastructure, the recent sales which are all put together to create the appraisals. The choice is yours if you wish to connect with any of the industry professionals to take it further.

GetAppraisal is a free service and with experts providing accurate property estimates, you should give it a try today.

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Curious to know how much your property is worth? Deciding if it is the best time to sell? Enter your property details and receive three obligation-free home valuations from experts!

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Receive three different valuations from industry experts who have deep knowledge of property prices in your area. Each valuation will differ as each industry expert has a unique take on how your home is valued.

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With 3 home valuations, compare and make an informed decision to sell, when you are ready. You will be armed with the knowledge of the price you can sell for and the real market conditions, from real facts, not hearsay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Getappraisal is a platform where you receive three different home valuations prepared by industry experts who have strong background knowledge of the local area. You can compare the 3 valuations and make an informed decision to sell your home.
1. Enter your home details
2. You will receive 3 customised valuation reports by industry experts.
3. Compare the valuations & decide to sell your property. If you are not ready to sell just yet, at least you have a current valuation of your home.
Before you sell your house, get the facts first.We send you threehome valuations so you can compare them and make an informed decision to sell your home.It gives you confidence that you’re selling your home at the right price.
No, our platform is 100% FREE for homeowners.
Your property valuation report is customised based on your area and other property factors. The report will also include nearby comparable properties. After analysis, by industry experts, you will be provided with a more accurate home estimate valuation.
As soon as we receive your request our property professionals will do their research and send you a report with your house estimate within 24 hours.
We do not share your details with any other third party except our property professionals who will analyse your property in order to provide youwith a home estimate.

Property valuation estimate online is the latest trend in the current scenario. When you want your residential, industrial or commercial property to be sold, you want to get it evaluated first. You need to find value of your property so that you can decide whether or not to sell it. Because of the hectic life of people nowadays, people are not able to take care of their multiple properties. This is because they decide to sell it. To get free online property valuation, visit our website and get a quote.

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