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Why Choose Getappraisal to appraise your property?

Perfect platform for homeowners to find home estimates from top-selling agents

Why Choose Get appraisal to Appraise Your Property?
Appraisal markets are competitive, but Getappraisal takes the hassle out of getting a home appraisal.
  • No obligation
  • 100% FREE for homeowners
  • Get three property appraisers to compare
  • Exclusive network of top agents
  • Compare top agents estimates based on their experience, customer reviews, and commission rates

Getappraisal connects homeowners with top-performing agents to sell their property. However, for those who are not sure which agent is performing better in their area, the Getappraisal platform provides three property estimates from trusted professionals that possess excellent sales records as well professional knowledge about local markets - all at your fingertips!

You can compare these Estimate My Property Value before deciding who will be best suited to handle your property sale in one easy step. We make sure that our customers get an accurate appraisal and information about their property to choose the right agent to sell!

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Why Do You Need Three Property Estimates?

Why do you need three property estimates?

A free no-obligation home appraisal is the most accurate way to determine how much your property is worth.

  • Compare the agent selling price
  • For securing finance
  • Compare agent marketing methods
  • Top agents sell homes faster & for more money

When you're looking to sell your property, getting the three estimates from different agents is crucial. The forecast will help show how much each individual agent values your property based on recent sales and rentals in that area, as well as comparable listings available nearby.

What Are Some Inclusions in The Three Property Estimates?

What are some inclusions in the three property estimates?

Maximising the sale price of your home.
  • Complete list of area comparable & sales analysis
  • History of properties sold
  • Sales growth in the local area

One of the key inclusions in an appraisal is the comparable sales in your neighbourhood. This is a list of properties with similar land areas and features to your property. Property estimates are based on sales and growth charts over time, rental properties' price, amenities such as schools, shopping centres, medical facilities, landmarks, and entertainment zones.

How Do I Book An Appraisal?

Tell us a bit about your property and submit the appraisal request form.


Receive Three Estimates

Get estimates from top performing agents in your area.



Review the agents and compare the costs and services.


Choose Right Agent

Select the top agent who can secure a better deal for your property.

Why choose top selling agents in your area?

Why Choose Top Selling Agents in Your Area?
Top-performing agents have:
  • Successful track record of sales
  • Years of local area knowledge
  • Exceptional negotiation skills
  • Large buyers database

Experienced agents are intelligent, savvy and successful in the real estate market. With a deep knowledge of their areas, they can help you sell your house for top dollar! They also have an extensive buyers database that will ensure potential clients are ready to purchase as soon as possible, so there is no need to put property up on the market.

The Importance of a Home Appraisal

The Importance of a Home Appraisal

Benefits to homeowners and homebuyers.
  • Understanding how much your home is worth
  • Unbiased independent assessment of your home
  • Reduces the risk of underselling

Understanding how much a property is worth can be difficult, especially with changing market conditions. The best way to determine this value for yourself and any potential buyers or sellers in today’s competitive real estate environment would be through an unbiased independent assessment from professionals who are knowledgeable about both sides of the process-buyers and sellers alike!

The home appraisal is an excellent tool for homeowners to make informed decisions about their properties, such as reducing the risk of underselling and refinancing. For example, it may help them avoid overvaluing their homes and underselling themselves in a bidding process or refinancing with lower rates than what they were initially approved for through an appraisal will result in more affordable loans if needed when buying another home later down the road.

Get the best price for your home

Get The Best Price for Your Home
If a top real estate agent does not appraise your home, you risk losing thousands of dollars.

A top real estate agent will never let you down. But not only does the best of them appraise my home online, they also market and price them correctly so that homeowners can sell without regrets for what should be an accurate estimate on their property's worthiness in today’s market.

There's a reason that these top agents are so successful, and it has everything to do with their negotiation skills. These savvy real estate professionals know how to close the deal faster for you while also maximizing your profit on offer!

They use their power negotiation skills, as well in-depth local knowledge of the area they're working with you on making sure that your property sells fast while providing an excellent customer service experience throughout."

Our Partner Agents Are

  • Skilled agents who perform at the top in their local markets
  • Local market experts with experience in your neighbourhood
  • Qualified with an excellent sales track record
  • Expert negotiators who will get you the best price for your property



Getappraisal is a new and innovative platform to sell your home with a top performing agent. Homeowners receive three different property estimates from industry experts in the local area, so you can compare them against one another before making an informed decision about who has better knowledge of what they're doing and how much experience that person or company has had with selling properties like yours.

No, our platform is 100% FREE for users & homeowners.

1. Enter your property details
2. You will receive three customised estimates by top performing agents in your local area.
3. Compare the three different estimates and decide who can get you more money for your property.

As soon as we receive your request, we manually choose the best agents in your area according to your requirement and property type. Then, the agents connect with you, prepare the estimate, and deliver it to you within 24 hours.

Market conditions change every year, so an unbiased independent assessment of the property will provide a realistic picture of its worth at a given point in time. The appraisal allows for homeowners to make informed decisions such as reducing the risk of underselling their property, refinancing their homes, applying for loans and applying for a home equity loan. For homebuyers, it allows them to consider the affordability of the property and apply for an adjusted mortgage if required.

The top agents in your local area will prepare an appraisal report which will include a complete list of area comparable & sales analysis, history of properties sold, sales growth in the local area and other determining factors.

Typically, you will receive three personalised estimates within 24 hours of submitting your appraisal form.

We aim to connect homeowners with the best agents in their area and save time and money. Below are a few reasons to choose Getappraisal:
Top Agents: We analyse lots of data select the best agents to partner with
Local Area Experts: Some of these agents work and live in your area. They possess local area expertise.
Zero Hassle: We remove your search stress and deliver the agent to your inbox.
No-Risk, 100% Obligation Free: There is no risk. You are not obligated to sell.

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