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Agent Terms

Please carefully review the following agent terms and conditions governing your use of our services. By using our services, you agree to abide by these agent terms and conditions. Getappraisal reserves the right to update or modify these terms at any time without prior notice. It is the agent's responsibility to review these terms periodically for any changes. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms, please contact us for clarification.

IT IS AGREED as follows:

    1. In This Agreement, the following definitions apply:

Customer/Client” means a person (being a legal or beneficial owner of or such person’s representative of a property) requiring the service of an estate agent who has been referred to you by us through our website and who has not instructed you for estate agency services before us sending you an introduction request from that client.

Lead Packages: Refers to the various plans and packages offered by Getappraisal for real estate lead generation services. These plans are listed on the website, and agents can select a plan based on their preferences and requirements.

Fees” means the monetary cost associated with the selected lead package.

Auto-Recharge: The automatic process by which an agent's account is replenished with lead credits when the balance reaches 2 lead credits. This ensures seamless access to Getappraisal lead generation services without interruptions.

Credit Expiry: The status of lead credits purchased by agents. In the context of Getappraisal, lead credits do not have an expiration date. Agents can use these credits at their convenience, with no time limit imposed on their validity.

Lead: A "lead" refers to a potential client or customer who has expressed interest in buying, selling, or investing in real estate.

Introduction” means an introduction made through the site between a client and an estate agent.  

Property” means the property specified by the client on the site concerning which the client requires estate agency services.

Site” means our website or our network of websites from which we generate leads.

you” means you, any real estate agent or estate agency you work for, and any person that registers, accesses, or uses the site, including your representatives, estate agency, successors, or permitted assigns.

We” or “website” or “us” or “company ”means “Getappraisal” “Getappraisal.com.au”



Subject to all of the terms and conditions of these Agent Terms, the Company hereby appoints you, and you hereby accept such appointment, for the term of these Agent Terms as a non-exclusive representative for Getappraisal.com.au. Once you have registered and provided the information required to set up your profile with the service, we will include your details in our database, and after that, you will receive customer leads and referrals from us.

  1. 2.1 The company operates as an independent third-party facilitator in respect of any transaction and communication between users of the company and agents. 
  2. 2.2 The agent shall, in all matters relating to these agent terms, act as an independent contractor. In all such matters, the agent (or any of its representatives) shall not act as or represent itself as a partner of the company and shall have no right or authority to assume or create any obligation, liability, or responsibility whatsoever, express or implied, or to bind the company in any way whatsoever unless expressly authorised in writing by the company.
  3. 2.3 The company takes no responsibility for the quality, safety, or legality of the services, correspondence, money, information, and/or opinions provided by an agent or vendor, or the accuracy, truthfulness, or reliability of the information supplied by the agent or vendor. All information is provided to you "as is" and on an "as available" basis.
  4. 2.4 If you open an account with us, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access to your computer system, and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password.
  5. 2.5 Due to the nature of our service, clients and homeowners often require home appraisals and valuations from more than one agent. In such cases, you agree that each lead is distributed to a minimum of one agent and, in some instances, to a maximum of three agents. This approach ensures a comprehensive response to client needs while providing fair opportunities for our agents.
  6. 2.6 You agree that if You provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or We have reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or not in accordance with these Terms, We shall have the right to indefinitely suspend, terminate, or block access to your IP on the Website and refuse to provide You with access to the Website. The agent agrees to notify the company immediately of any unauthorised use of the agent's account. The company shall not be liable for any unauthorised use of the agent account.
  7. 2.7 Platform is designed to refer you to leads from home owners who are looking to appraise property.
  8. 2.8 We use an SMS verification process for every lead. This makes sure that each lead is real and genuinely interested in real estate services.
  9. 2.9 For the avoidance of doubt, you acknowledge and agree that the company is under no obligation to provide customer leads to you or any other agents, and the provision of any customer referrals to you is at the company's sole discretion.
  10. 2.10 We make no warranty as to the quality of the clients we refer to and are not liable for any loss or damage you may incur due to an introduction to a client, including, without limitation, any failure by the client to pay you for your work.
  11. 2.11 We will not be a party to any contract made between you and the client, and you will be responsible for all regulatory requirements relevant to the engagement of that client.


All real estate agent professionals who register to use our services represent and warrant the following:


  1. 3.1 You are a real estate salesperson with a current and valid licence or certificate of legal age and can form a legally binding contract. You have complied with all real estate licencing laws and have adequate and appropriate insurance coverage. The agent must be the holder of a valid real estate license. The agent represents and warrants that (i) the agent has the right and authority to enter into these terms; and (ii) they abide by all of the terms and conditions of these terms.
  2. 3.2 You will promptly maintain and provide us with updates of any changes in your license status & working company.
  3. 3.3 All information you submit to us is accurate and complete, and you will maintain and promptly update your profile or other information you provide to us or any Customers.
  4. 3.4 You will not register or represent yourself as a prospective buyer or seller, even if you intend to buy or sell the property.
  5. 3.5 All information you submit to customers about your services is your responsibility.
  6. 3.6 You agree that a customer is any person, homebuyer, home seller, tenant, or investor who we introduce, send, or refer to you by email, phone, or other methods of communication.
  7. 3.7 You understand that we reserve the right to terminate the participation of any real estate professional for any reason at our sole discretion.
  8. 3.8 As set forth under the Fees section below, you will pay us a lead plan fee.
  9. 3.9 You shall promptly respond to a referral lead request by contacting the client using the contact details provided.
  10. 3.10 You agree that you are fully responsible and liable for the actions of any persons who access the site on your behalf and, at all material times, will act and will ensure that any persons who access the site on your behalf act in good faith.
  11. 3.11 You shall not, without the company’s prior written consent, make or give any representations, warranties, or other promises concerning the site that are not contained in the company’s marketing material.
  12. 3.12 The agents (including any employees, agents, subcontractors, or anyone acting on the agent’s behalf) shall ensure that they do not do anything that might adversely affect the company’s public image, reputation, goodwill, or bring the company into disrepute;


The agent must update the lead progress status online on the Getappraisal platform in respect of any property transaction or customer communication:


  1. 4.1 Confirmation of initial contact with the customer;
  2. 4.2 Confirmation when property has been appraised;
  3. 4.3 Confirmation or change of status when authority is signed with the customer;
  4. 4.4 Confirmation or change of status when the property is under offer;
  5. 4.5 Confirmation when a contract of sale becomes unconditional (if applicable); and
  6. 4.6 Confirmation or change the status when the property is sold.
  7. 4.7 Confirmation of execution of the settlement of a property sale (including a copy of the settlement agreement).



  1. 5.1 You agree to pay us the lead plan fee as listed on our website.
  1. (a) Agents are required to purchase lead packages as listed on our website. By selecting a plan, agents agree to the associated charges as outlined on our website.
  2. (b) The selected plan will automatically renew once the agent's account balance drops to two lead credits. This guarantees a continuous stream of leads for agents without any interruptions.
  3. (c) Agents may cancel their account at any time, but they will not be entitled to a refund for any unused credits.
  4. (d) Lead credits purchased by agents do not expire.
  5. (e) It's important to note that, due to the nature of the real estate business, lead credits may be consumed within weeks or months based on lead distribution patterns.
  6. (f) Agents are advised to monitor their lead credit usage and adjust their plans accordingly.

  1. 6. CHANGES
  1. 6.1 We may, from time to time, adjust the terms of the agreement. If we change our fee structure or part of the services, including adding extra services, fees, or charges, the company shall immediately notify agents in advance of those changes. If you do not accept the changes, we may discontinue providing the applicable parts of the services to you. An agent may terminate the agreement if the adjustments are deemed unsatisfactory.

  1. 7.1 Agents have the freedom to cancel their account at any time. If you wish to cancel your account, please proceed by sending an email to [email protected]. It's important to note that if agents breach the terms, the company reserves the right to cancel their account.
  2. 7.2 Upon cancellation, no further charges will be applied, and access to the platform will be discontinued. Please be aware that no refunds will be given for the remaining credits left on the account.