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Simple pricing

Pay only when the property is sold

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+ GST. Fee capped at $4,000

+ Onetime account setup fee of $145

  • No Sale, No Fee, No Stress
  • Appraisal lead opportunity
  • Email alerts on each lead
  • Verified leads
  • Increase online presence
  • Target local postcodes
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Leverage your business

Give your business a new, more professional image with our Google optimized agent landing page. Your agent page is a great way to promote yourself and your experience.

With your agent page, use it to share what you’re capable of and make sure potential homeowners know about all the great work that goes into making an agent. You don't have any competition because there's no referral fee for leads coming through from your agent page-so get working on building up a strong links portfolio!

Create an engaging landing page to promote your profile

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A professional, Google-optimised landing page is the best way to promote your profile and stand out from competitors.

  • Grow your online presence.
  • Customise your profile page with your branding
  • Share your URL through various marketing channels
  • Advertise your page on Google and Facebook ads
  • No referral fee from organic leads
  • Target your service area.
  • Qualified leads
  • $99 /year /page /agent
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We distribute leads starting from a minimum of one agent to a maximum of three agents.

We charge 0.25% +GST of the sale price of a property capped at $4000. You are only charged a referral fee if the property is sold. No referral fee for leads come from your agent page!

As part of the Getappraisal account setup, you can create an agent profile page and receive a dedicated URL to help boost your online presence. Combined with our brand which already gathers heavy traffic from potential buyers in need of property appraisals services (we are not just one among many), vendors will more likely request direct leads via your agent page eliminating referral fees altogether!

Once you set up your account, the dedicated URL is free for the first year. After that, there is a $99 fee charged every year unless you cancel the agent landing page subscription.

Once you create an account, select the unlimited landing page option and follow the steps.

Getappraisal has already become a popular name among home appraisals. It's powerful domain for homeowners who visit our site each month, and having your exclusive agent page on the platform will help boost business in an ever changing market!

There's no referral fee from the agent's exclusive page. Agents own all of the leads that come directly to them through your page!

We're excited that you've chosen to become a member of our platform! Once you register for free, our team will take care of everything for a few hours to make sure that your account is up in time. You'll get an email with login details within 24 hours max!

Once you accept the lead, their property details and contact information will be made available.

If you have already spoken with the homeowner, it is important to provide proof of all previous communication. This will allow us to waive our referral charges and help expedite your process!

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